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This section is built using two JS files:

  • index.js: loads this file and then renders the list of posts;
  • [slug].js: the main slug manager, which loads the correspondent file from the content folder.

The content of each page is written in MDX and is loaded from content/blog folder.

If you want to create a new section with a simpler index file that just loads mdx, a slug file needs to be created, and the index.js file has to import the necessary function and component from the slug file. In this scenario, the index page should be treated as a special case of slug, otherwise Next.js would consider it literally (i.e. /blog/index).

An example can be found in the "Project" section.


Another blog post, with one component
Wed, 1 September 2021Read post
How does this section work?
Sun, 1 August 2021Read post
The blog posts are sorted by date, so you shuold start reading from the second!
However, as you might already know, Next.js does not offer a "memory" functionality so your "most read" posts counter shuold be handled separately.